3 American Association for Cancer Research Scholarships

A college education is tough. You have to spend long hours writing papers and verify if, say, the assistance for your academic papers from scamfighter.net and writingpapersucks.com is trustworthy. But what makes your tertiary education tougher is the lack of funds to pursue it, especially if you’re taking up cancer research as your sole focus of study.
However, if your heart is in finding a cure for cancer, then fret not. There are still cancer research scholarships you can apply to from the government and the private sector, and all you need to do is apply yourself and write a good application paper for those scholarship programs.
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What makes the American Cancer Society a good organization to apply for a scholarship is that it’s one of the most trusted organizations today. With their main focus being molecular genetics and a cancer cell’s biochemistry, you have a lot to learn from this group in terms of how cancer mutates, deletes, and even amplifies.
The research center’s focus on prevention and treatment involves understanding the basic controls of various types of cancer cells and how they form themselves into an identity. Truly, a scholarship with this group can lead you to places.
The American Cancer Society’s affiliation with the American Association for Cancer Research stems from the fact that it aims to broaden the treatment and coping systems built inside the cancer patient’s complete recovery. From dealing with cancer treatment to memorial giving, society has all the heart and funding to help those in need that are devastated by cancer as a global challenge.
The society is also dedicating in reducing your cancer risks by promoting campaigns and educational programs that enlighten every one of the health risks people could be facing with their lifestyle. The society’s focus in its ACS Guidelines on nutrition and wellness has a comprehensive analysis of the importance of always getting fit, eating the right foods and avoiding excess alcohol consumption. Poor nutrition as a cancer risk is also a challenge that society has continually addressed since its inception.


The advancement of cancer research in Novus will elevate your skills in ways that you, as a student, would probably not have imagined to be possible. The award given to the grant candidate would reach about as high as $1500 to a student studying with the research team as their guide.
All the recipients of this scholarship will be personally contacted, and their notifications will immediately follow after the deadline of applications. It helps if you go to the official website of the Novus Biologicals or even ask from their Contact Us page all the details you want to know about furthering your application.


The scholarship program from the National Institutes Of Health's Undergraduate Scholarship Program will be given to any student that pursues a science degree and will consist of support in scholarship funds as well as direct paid employment at the NIH right after. The aim of this is to further the study of cancer research across the globe and to help the right students get the well-deserved assistance they need. The NIH support can go as high as $20,000 per academic season, and it will comprise of tuition, expenses within the school curriculum and stipend for the selected recipients.